About Us


Since starting in 2012, we've grown from a one-man band to a mid-size firm with offices in Hamilton, Te Aroha, Tauranga and New Plymouth.


We have a passion to see people get ahead in life through their pursuit of passion in business and investment.  We started building our business together in 2012, although we started investing in property many years before that.  In our time in business we have been blessed with great staff, great clients and great opportunities.  We have built a following from scratch, done the hard yards in relationship building, and of late, walked the talk of growth and strategic acquisitions, dealt with the challenge of system conversions, added new people into an existing culture, and dealt with some pretty big change in a short space of time. 

We are a team, we constantly challenge each other to go further and do more.  Business challenges you in a unique way and we live and breathe that. 


We would be honoured to serve you, to have you as a client, to take on board your goals and aspirations and to partner with you as we help you to build the business and lifestyle you richly deserve.

Flick us an email, or give us a call.  If we're not at work, we'll be off enjoying life with our young family (of 4 kids!), ensuring their lives are full of fun and lots of learning opportunities too! Can't wait to meet you :) 


Steve & Siobhan Mundy