Business valuations

Whether you are buying or selling a business, we have the tools to help.

Did you know you should start thinking about selling your business 2-3 years before you actually go ahead with a sale?  You need time to ensure your business is working to its full potential and you have the systems detailed in such a way that someone else can pick it up and run it easily straight away.  We can show you how to use Pareto's principle - you get 80% of the value gain from 20% of the effort.

When buying a business, it's important to undertake due diligence, where you identify or prevent any potential risks before you finalise the purchase.  We can help assess those risks.  From a simple review of the numbers to a full scope due diligence investigation, we can focus our professional skills after a qualifying discussion with you about what you need and as importantly, what you don't need.

And don't forget that your business will sell for what it's worth on the day.  Are you ready if that day is forced upon you earlier than expected because a relationship has ended or sadly someone significant has passed away?  Talk to us today about how we can help.