starting a business

So you've decided to go into business and you need to figure out the best way to go about it.

Business Structure - Sole Trader or Company - What's the difference and why choose one over the other?  What is the best operating structure for me?  Should I be a sole trade or company?  Is there a better, more tax efficient structure for my circumstances? How does a trust or limited partnership work?

We can walk through your situation and help you navigate investment structures, business partnerships and and help you understand the benefits and costs of each operating structure and give you advice as to what is the appropriate way to start your business.

We provide services to ensure that you are compliant with the necessary regulations of whichever business operating structure you choose.

Taxation Requirements 

Our range of software options means there's something for everyone, and if you find it elsewhere and we don't have it here, talk to us about it - the chances are we know about it already and are just waiting for a client to match!

For every install we provide complete training and on-going support; you'll never be left on your own.  

Each software has its own merits, price-points and uses, so talk to us about your needs and we can make sure you make the right choice for your business.