Business Development Coaching

Business Development Coaching

You know you need to change but what? and how? and why?

Coaching is a completely different mindset and this is precisely the reason why we will never run a coaching session and an advisory meeting together. As an advisor, we tell. This is the profit. This is the tax. You need to pay on this day. These are your options. These discussions are closed and based on you being given some options and choosing based on advice.

Coaching is process of action discovery. Uncovered by virtue of questioning and built on the pillars of the coaching relationship. Coaching brings “big picture perspective” to get the finer detail in order. This is essential for our clients and fits well at specific stages of the business development life cycle.

By integrating the coach approach to the services we offer, we’ve added a new dimension to how we support small business. A Paradigm shift for a business owner can be far more transformational to a business and it's staff than another "telling" conversation that results in no new action.

Adding Coaching and Mentoring allows us to help you get ahead faster by:

• Adding new tools to improve your business practices
• Offering you unique personalised learning opportunities
• Being available as a timely sounding board
• Adding our experience from working with 100’s of business owners
• Asking you high quality questions that lead to smarter decisions
• Introducing fresh ideas, insights and perspectives
• Challenging and developing your thinking
• Bringing more accountability
• Increasing your clarity around your highest goals
• Tailoring your financial arrangements to align with those goals
• Maintaining your motivation and drive
• Challenging, stretching and encouraging you to back yourself more
• Ensuring you celebrate your successes more often

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