Buying or Selling a Business? Need a Valuation?

Buying or Selling a Business? Need a Valuation?

Buying a business?

Have you owned a business before? Do you need guidance on analysing your potential acquisition? We have a diverse consultancy practice and understand what is an appropriate return in any given industry. We can help you get clarity on how the business is performing. Help you plan how you are going to work it to make your money.

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
DD is a process whereby reasonable verification and precautions are taken to identify or prevent foreseeable risks. We can help assess business risk before purchase. The carpentry saying of measure twice and cut once is no more sharply brought into focus than when considering outlaying hard-fought capital on a business. We are commercial accountants that assist you by providing advice and a pre-purchase business appraisal report to help inform your purchase decision. Our review will highlight and help set up your post purchase business strategy. From a simple review of the numbers to a full scope due diligence investigation, we can focus our professional skills after a qualifying discussion with you about what you need and as importantly, what you don't need.


Selling a business?

Business Sale Planning
Did you know that the best time to plan the sale of your business is 2-3 years from your desired sale date? Just like a property, a business needs to be suitably prepared for sale. You want every possible process honed and your business demonstrating an executable "McDonalds" style system that a buyer would feel comfortable picking up and running with because it is so easy to follow. What is the low hanging fruit in terms of increasing the value in your business? Talk to us today.

Increasing Business Value on Sale Day
Business sale value is increased in two ways. Ramp up the earnings and increase the sale multiplier. To do this properly you need time. Value maximisation requires time to execute improvements. Talk to us about your business and we can help with Pareto's principle for you. Where can you get 80% of the value gain from 20% of the effort.

Business Valuation

Business Valuation for Pre-Sale Planning, Matrimonial, Death and Dispute Situations
A business is worth what it is sold for on the day isn't it? What if that day is forced upon you because your relationship has ended or sadly someone significant to a business has passed away? No money has changed hands yet, but what's it worth? And isn't all the goodwill wrapped up in me the owner? So He/She should get nothing right? We use valuation methods that have been successfully validated and resulted in amicable relation property settlements. Concise reports, clearly communicated with demonstrable conclusions get results.