Office Support

Office Support

Work "On" the business not "In" it!

When you are building a business you quickly realise that business administration becomes a pain point which inhibits your focus as a business owner. In business there are activities you need to do which make you money and activities that you can delegate down. As long as you can use your time to take on more work in your area of expertise then outsourcing non core activities for you makes economic sense. Focus on the areas that generate the outcome. The business owners that we help move rapidly are those that appreciate that they are building a system of people and resources.

At Auctus we have a back office support service that means that you have a dedicated team of administrators (backed by Chartered Accountants in Hamilton) that can complete invoicing, payroll, bank reconciliation, customer payment follow up. All tasks that are required for a business to function but by no means are key activities for an owner operator. Our job here is to serve you and to take some pressure off you as an owner.

No Sick Staff, No Downtime

Our clients appreciate this type of support because we have multiple people undertaking this work which means that if someone is sick, the admin still gets done. This wouldn't be the case with a part-time employee that couldn't come in due to illness.

Cloud Business System Skills at your disposal

Also because our staff are well versed in cloud systems they can put their skill set to best use for you to boost efficiency. Whether it is emailing invoices or quotes directly out of software or uploading batch payments for you to approve. You have access to people to help you operate like you are a bigger business without the fixed overhead of employees. No sick leave, no holiday pay and the best part, no minimum hours. Use our admin support service as little or as much as you need.

Some larger small businesses have decided to outsource their entire internal accounting function to Auctus due to our efficiency with this service.

Are you are getting buried in admin and needing to find time to work on the business not in it? Then this is the perfect service to give you the opportunity to take a step up in your business.

Being able to pull in more support and push it out when not needed means our clients can get what they need when they need it.